Estudis Urbans, Arquitectònics i Programàtics per l'Activació de la Façana Litoral Metropolitana

Nantes - Saint Nazaire

Territory made up and contrasted of urban or natural environments, spectacular or ordinary, known or unknown, very small or very large scale... The Saint-Nazaire-Pornichet coastline is a vital resource for an "eco-metropolitan approximation" " , which aims to make the Nantes Saint-Nazaire metropolis function on exploratory and innovative models of natural and/or human ecology".
Inscribed in a mosaic of urban, peri-urban, peri-rural or natural territories, set between the sea coast and its backcountry, the metropolis's coastline is thus presented as a «territory of territories» and of contrasting landscape situations: the city, the ports, the sea and the great Atlantic horizon; corridors and fringes between land and sea...
This study has focused on seven different sites between Pornichet and Saint-Nazaire, each participating in the activation of the coastline of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire metropolis.
The common problem in Saint-Nazaire and Pornichet is to create new links between the city and the port. It is then a question of creating promenades between the center-city and the coast, of requalifying public spaces through the creation of urban developments, landscapes and architecture.


Promotor: Pôle Métropolitain Nantes Saint-Nazaire / Equip redactor:: JORNETLLOPPASTOR / Col·laboradors: Pascal Amphoux / Barré-Lambot / Urbanwater / Alphavile