Specific Modification of GMP in the Area of Can Ollé i Can Benet

La Palma de Cervelló

The scope of this modification is located to the west of the built-up core of the Palma de Cervelló. The aim of the modification is to establish the urban determinations necessary for the development of the Can Ollé and Can Benet residential sectors.
Specific objectives of the amendment are:
- To plan all the organisation, in line with the main environmental values of the place that lie precisely in the presence of the water courses that pass through the scope of the modification, such as the Rafamans stream, which must be the future river park of the Palma de Mallorca and the torrent of the Gixera, which has been abused in the current planning and which the present MPOUM integrates in a manner consistent with its natural values.
- Sort this part of the municipality with a generous offer of housing located mainly preferentially on the continuity of Sant Jordi Street, while redefining the criteria for the planning of the BV-2421 road, which must become an urban journey, of higher urban quality, with a correct and appropriate urbanisation as corresponds to the continuity of the Avenida de Catalunya veritable, main street of the municipality.
- To promote, in the transversal sense, the permeability up to the Riera de Rafamans, with a planning that guarantees a visual filter that allows the landscape of this vertebrate space of the people of La Palma to be integrated and that in the future must be the Parc fluvial de la riera, with the corresponding leisure areas and itineraries that are currently being made along the path that borders the same stream.
- Rationalize the organisation of the road system, which guarantees accessibility to all areas, minimising its area of land consumed and respecting the main environmental values of this part of the municipality of La Palma de Cervelló.

Promoter: Barcelona Metropolitan Area / La Palma de Cervelló City Council /Drafting team: JORNETLLOPPASTOR / Contributors: IGREMAP / MCRIT