New Deal for the Expressways of Greater Paris


The New Deal for Expressways contemplates another reading and naming of the road network of the Parisian region and to better express this new hierarchy of lines, places and links that make up the strength of the project. It is a nod to history, and an invitation to discover the highest metropolis. Thus, the Grands Boulevards become the "boulevards des places", the belt of the general Fermiers becomes the "boulevard des gares", the peripheral boulevard becomes the "grand boulevard".

Along the tracks of the New Deal network, on which ferries and high-capacity autonomous vehicles circulate, there is also a hierarchy that corresponds to the different situations. The «relays», articulated in the «metropolitan squares», are the new capillaries of the network; the "central squares", which house intermodal hubs, are the new large neighborhoods of the GPE and New Deal stations.


Promoter: Forum Métropolitain du Grand Paris / Drafting team: JORNETLLOPPASTOR / Seura architectes Collaborators: Anna Zahonero, Marina Cervera / Leonard + Ingérop / Carlo Ratti